Research group at imec & Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Mark Verheyden


Personal Description

Public relations is a domain within the field of communication studies that counts a great number of rapidly growing specializations. One of these specializations is commonly referred to as “internal communication”. In my PhD research, I try to understand how social media platforms are changing how organizations interact with their employees. This is a tremendously rich topic that, until recently, only received scant attention in the scholarly literature. My goal is to contribute to this literature by approaching this topic from a critical research perspective. To this end, I have written a number of publications in journals such as the Journal of Organizational Ethnography and the Journal of Applied Quantitative Methods. As one may notice, I often prefer mixed methods research to approach my research interests. Aside from my research-related work, I am also involved in the activities of the Belgian Association for Internal Communication.

My background is somewhat atypical as I hold master degrees in the fields of history, media and communication studies, and European Integration and Development. At the end of 2011, I started working as a teaching assistant at SCOM and became involved in SMIT’s activities. I was also happy to obtain FWO funding for a long professional stay abroad in San Francisco and Los Angeles at the end of 2016.