Karen Triquet


Personal Description

Part of the Smart Education Project at SMIT, I am academically and intrinsically driven by the ability to further understand and enhance self-sufficiency, drive, and learner empowerment through the diverse (and growing digitally enhanced environments), that they will encounter and can leverage as we move towards more hybrid, lifelong, life-wide, and pervasive forms of education. Improving personal self-regulated learning capacities through educationally-underpinned and evidenced technology-rich solutions is challenging and exciting. On the one hand, this is given the impacts the research itself can have on technology design and human-sensitised digital discourse. On the other hand, this is given the actual impact that more learning-sensitive tool design, and knowledgeable adoption can have for learners’ behavioural change.

Prior to my PhD work, I completed an MSc in Educational Sciences (within the BILD Research Group), looking at systemic ICT integration in schools. Active in the edtech space, and researching hybrid environments, the combination of lived reality and theory equally led me to work (and move) to consult at UNESCO Bangkok on innovative and flexible learning systems (low and high tech innovations for children and youth), and subsequent junior certification in Ruby on Rails app development. Fast forward to the PhD journey (in EDWE, VUB), and a recent visiting doctoral alumni at the UCL Institute of Education, I have been fortunate to work in a number of thematically related projects such as: co-teaching in a blended bachelor on modules covering digital skills and self-regulated learning, to (contributing and/or consulting upon) projects e.g tMAIL, TeachUP, iLINC, and now Smart Education, in leveraging potentials and addressing demands of technologies.