Julia Loennendonker


Personal Description

Journalism is in the process of dramatic transformation. The future of the journalistic profession is unclear and its role in society will need to be re-defined in the future. I am very much interested in these current changes in journalism. I am curious to see if and how journalism will be able to continue to be relevant to people’s life and which role it will assume in society. I like to look at these broader questions with a focus on international news and/or from an international comparative perspective. I have a particular interest in foreign correspondence and comparative journalism research, with a focus on Europe and how it is covered in the media.

I have started as a post-doc at the Department for Communication Studies and as a researcher at SMIT in 2018. Before that, I have worked as a researcher and lecturer at the Institute for Journalism and the Erich Brost Institute for International Journalism at TU Dortmund. In my PhD (2016, Faculty of Cultural Studies, TU Dortmund), I have analysed the discourse about European identity and the different definitions of Europe’s identity across time.  I have received a MA in Journalism from Emerson College, Boston/USA (2002) and graduated in geography with minors in political sciences and media studies from the University of Bonn (2004) with a Diplom (equivalent to MA).