Research group at imec & Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Jonas Breuer


Personal Description

In my master thesis, I assessed the ‘Smart City’ from a political economy perspective following Henri Lefebvre’s ‘Right to the City’ concept that demands for citizens to be the makers of their urban environment. Since then, I remained fascinated by the ups and downs of the Smart City, and the role that we as citizens assume in its shaping. Today, I work on these themes from different perspectives, including big data, IoT, business models, living labs, co-creation and service design. I currently apply my expertise in 3 European projects: the U4IoT coordination and support action, where I develop participatory, user-centric sustainability models for large scale pilots and their stakeholders; the Select4Cities Pre-Commercial Procurement action, where I support cities and companies in applying the living lab approach; in the CITADEL II project, where I work with city authorities to involve citizens in public service design.

I work for imec-Smit-VUB since August 2013. A bachelor degree in European Studies from the University of Maastricht, and a Master of Science in Communication Studies (with Great Distinction) has provided me with the right tools to tackle scientific issues. A cosmopolitan life and a passion for inter-cultural communication learned and cultivated while working and living in international environments provides the rest.