Gavin McCrory


Personal Description

We live in a world where new and unconventional partnerships are fast becoming the heartbeat of sustainable urban development. People are now right at the centre of all promising urban strategies, and the ways in which their involvement unfolds is exactly what intrigues me as a researcher. What happens when you place a sensor in the hand of a parent of two and ask them to measure pollution in areas most important to them? How can these new forms of knowledge enhance the policies and processes that are currently failing so many cities in Europe? I consider myself an action-researcher with a broad set of qualitative skills and qualities, who is engaged in and continuously inspired by new ways to work with people towards research and solutions-development.

I have been working at SMIT since 2016, arriving from Belfast via Cyprus and most recently, Sweden. Still a fledgling here, I have already been fortunate enough to contribute to worthwhile projects that allow me to combine my personal and professional passions. I have worked alongside the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) to define one of four cross-cutting workstreams for the 1st Global Science, Technology and Innovation Conference (G-STIC). The goal of this is to foster discussions between decision-makers and industry, the result of which can ultimately support the actionable achievement of the global sustainable development goals. I have also participated in a webinar for the hackAIR project, which is working on all things related to citizen science and air pollution. My other projects address urban flash flooding (FloodCitiSense) and societal inclusion (SmarterLabs). I am a member of the Urban Studies Network.