01/01/2002 - 31/12/2006
Has been finalized

The major goal of COPLINTHO is to study and develop ICT, which can support and improve the care process of home patients by using new technologies and services. It focuses on the home environment and the patient. The project intends to: Improve independent living Offer the possibility to patients suffering from different pathologies (recovery after hospital stay, chronic diseases, pregnancy, ...) to directly interact with their healthcare team. Give access to health care professionals and home patients to health-related information and services. The benefits are: Reduced hospital stay Improved efficiency and quality of homecare Actively involve patients in their own healthcare.

There are two tracks in the project. The user track will investigate the needs of both patient and healthcare professional. The developed ICT solutions will also be evaluated from a sociological, legal and usability point-of-view. The technology track is research-oriented and will develop new ICT platforms and services to support the homecare process. The research will include: An individual network to let the patient interact with his healthcare team. Communication between healthcare professionals based on Web Services.

Virtual communities Timeline

The project spans two years, from the beginning of 2005 to the end of 2006. A domain analysis will be done in the first half year. This analysis involves all partners and all aspects. It will result in the definition of the scope of the project.

Year two will consist of the development of a proof-of-concept demonstration for every technical work package and an evaluation phase. This evaluation must also be a first step towards the valorisation of the work done in the project.

Project partners

The consortium consists not only of research groups (IBCN, MIG, CUO, SMIT, ICRI, EDM) and businesses (Televic, Medibridge, Androme, Custodix), but also partners from the field of healthcare. These include one homecare organisation (Wit-Gele Kruis) and two hospitals (UZ Gent, AZ Sint-Elizabeth Zottegem).