Stimuleringsbeleid voor ICT-gebruik bij KMO's
01/10/2005 - 31/07/2006
Has been finalized

Under the authorization of the FPS Economy, SMEs, Self – employed and Energy, SMIT carried out a research project regarding the take – up of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) by Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs). The main goal was to deliver input for a strategic incentives campaign aimed at SMEs and micro – enterprises in Belgium. Therefore we identiefied the main constraints and drivers for ICT take – up by small businesses. In particular we traced and investigated those sectors that lag behind on ICT use, but where small businesses could highly profit from more comprehensive use by the business owners. Consequently, research questions involved, among others, the current status of ICT – use by small companies in general, the identification and selection of sectors and their missed opportunities, the reasons for the (none) use by business owners, the blurring boundaries of the work and private sphere in small businesses, etc. All this has been done in close cooperation with professional organizations and other SME – supporting institutions. This interdisciplinary user – oriented research has been conducted on both a quantitative and qualitative base, with an emphasis on the latter. Besides desk – research this involved a web survey, interviews and focus groups with business owners. For this project we cooperated with the research centre CITA (Cellule Interfacultaire de Technology Assessment) from the University of Namur.

Partners: CITA (Cellule Interfacultaire de Technology Assessment)