Architectures for Mobile Community Content Creation
01/05/2005 - 30/04/2007
Has been finalized

A4MC3 is an IBBT project that investigates the necessary architecture to facilitate content creation within (real and virtual) communities, using mobile devices. Besides the obvious technical challenges, it takes into account user, legal and business issues. SMIT analyses the social context of mobile content creation and investigates alternative, open business models. In addition several focus group interviews with (potential) users were held.

The project explores the possibilities of community building using state of the art technology – mobile terminals, wireless networks, multimedia and metadata technology – to create a new, user-friendly experience. Different user groups are targeted: the average end-user (the man in the street using his digital camera or PDA), the advertiser (who is trying to reach the end-user in a targeted way), the professional (e.g. the journalist who is taking pictures on location and would like to improve his story with emotional input from people who happened to be around when the event took place) and the moderator (e.g. a media company that is an intermediate between news agencies, advertisers and the readers/TV-watchers).

Based on the A4MC3 architecture, novel applications will become possible. Individuals and communities will be able to contribute to the local (digital) newspaper; advertisers will be providing targeted, context-sensitive advertisements; recommendation systems can facilitate sharing information between like-minded people, even while being on the move.

Budget: 1.235.597 €