Flemish E-publishing Trends
02/04/2006 - 31/03/2010
Has been finalized

FLEET is a four-year interdisciplinary research project on FLEmish E-publishing Trends. It is part of the "IWT-SBO program" and started in 2006. A multidisciplinary research consortium was set up including 21 researchers from three Flemish universities (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, K.U.Leuven and UGent) and two Dutch research centres (TNO-ICT and Infonomics-EC/DC).

The main objective of this project is to identify, understand and prospect the changing role of information and communication providers and users in a networked society. Ultimately, the research aims at building *a Flemish knowledge platform on e-publishing*. Hence, FLEET is engaged in mapping the development of the professional e-publishing sector in Flanders.

Valorisation is an important goal of the project. Concrete output of the FLEET-research aims to inform, stimulate and support potential economic, policy and societal actors. Therefore, FLEET has to set up *a Task Force* on e-publishing. Secondly, *an Advisory Committee of Users* (ACU) is formed to function as a sounding board for interim research results. Subsequently, the consortium aims to develop *an e-Publishing Knowledge Database*, which provides the e-journalist, the e-publisher and the e-user with an up-to-date overview of key issues concerning e-publishing in Flanders and beyond. The partners also cooperate to establish *an e-journalism course* for the professional journalist. Finally, FLEET will produce policy briefs focusing on *policy aspects* from a legal, economic and social point of view.

The work programme of FLEET is structured in 5 work packages, lead by different participants in the consortium. Moreover, the project brings together members of academia ranging from communication sciences, sociology and law to economics and hence establishes an apparent interdisciplinary approach. By merging these research teams, FLEET offers a substantial surplus value in terms of networking and suggests solid guarantees for the continuity and improved profitability of the research outcomes for science, policy as well as industry. In time, this will lead to an innovation-stimulated environment for e-publishing in Flanders and international partnerships in both research as industry-driven R&D projects.

The output of the FLEET-project can be found on http://www.fleetproject.be.