01/01/2010 - 31/12/2011
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Today's increasingly digital hospitals are in the midst of a rapid transition towards the use of real-life color data. For example in pathology applications true color microscopy images are taken and digitally examined by a pathologist. And in dermatology, digital color pictures are taken of the skin to determine whether a lesion is present or whether a wound is healing or not. These applications have one thing in common: the color itself has a clinical meaning. Small color distortions influence the correctness of the diagnosis, and today's color digital systems still have a long way to go in ensuring true color reproducibility and standardization. The goal of this project is to realize significant technology advances that will enable the use of real color and multidimensional images in medical imaging and generate benefits for society.

In this project Smit is active in the dermatology work package, where we examine the acquisition and use of digital dermatology images for both wound care and diagnosis. The first application will focus on professionals active in wound care in a home care setting, the second application area will focus on diagnostic physicians who must use monitors to carry out their diagnosis, e.g. dermatologists, radiologists, etc. Smit will describe the user, context and social requirements of the applications under development, and create common hypothetical user scenarios for them, in order to facilitate the prioritization of the functional requirements more explicitly.

Partners: Barco; DCI Labs; IBA Dosimetry GmbH; GE/Gamma Medica Ideas; DSC Labs; IBCN-UGent; ICT/Dermatologie-UGent; Medisip-UGent; IPI-UGent; Vision Lab-UAntwerpen; Pathologie-UAntwerpen; Radiologie-UAntwerpen