01/01/2009 - 31/12/2011
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Quality of Service and Quality of Experience are undoubtedly key concepts within today’s innovation development process. Similarly, both concepts are crucial for the (user) research, which aims to support and drive this process. In practice however, both concepts are still often confused. Furthermore, research shows that the measurement of QoS and QoE still happens too fragmented and that the current measurement approaches tend to be focused on one particular aspect or dimension. As a result, there is still a prevailing gap between QoE-(measurement) and QoS-(development). The main objective of the GR@SP project is to develop a methodology for bridging this gap. This project intends to explore and clarify (the relation between) the various QoE- and QoS-components.

This new methodology should go beyond the current fragmented approaches and enable integrated and multidimensional QoE-QoS measurements in living lab test environments. Therefore, the GR@SP project aims to develop a comprising QoE-QoS model. A model that clarifies the relations between different QoS and QoE dimensions, and that can serve as a basis for a ‘comprising QoS/QoE monitoring methodology’ to be used in future development processes for (cross)media applications in ‘test environments’.

Next to this model, the project team will search for solutions to improve the translation of user research into ‘technical relevant output’ on each of the QoE building blocks. This should improve integration and translation of findings from user research into technical requirements and ‘technically practicable output’ (for all QoE building blocks).

To this aim, a divergent set of experiments has been set up and Smit is in various degrees active in all of them. Examples are experiments with the mobile location based multiplayer game 'Parallel Kingdom' and with billboards. In the participatory design track, both technical and social science partners are working together on innovative applications for hearing impaired children.

Partners: WiCa-UGent; MICT-UGent; CUO-K.U.Leuven; MMLab-UGent; EDM-UHasselt; IBCN-UGent