Web 2.0
Web 2.0. De nieuwe sociale ruimte
02/02/2007 - 01/09/2007
Has been finalized

In 2006 Time Magazine named 'You' as person of the year. The magazine wanted to honor the active internet user and the internet applications that allow users to create, distribute, share and connect online content. These web 2.0 applications symbolise a new way of thinking focusing on the user. Indeed web 2.0 has become the symbol for an evolution towards a communication medium which is user oriented, decentralised and collaborative. A digital space in which users become active and interactive. In the research report IBBT/SMIT evaluates he impact of a new generation of web technologies (MySpace, YouTibe, Flickr, Wikipedia, Digg, etc.) on the media, culture, marketing and communication. 

Partners: viWTA (changed into Institute Science and Technology)