Iedereen Leest!
Leest iedereen?
01/11/2006 - 31/05/2007
Has been finalized

The reader development project 'Iedereen Leest' was launched by 'Stichting Lezen' in October 2005. It was an innovative crossmedia project in which books and stories were promoted by supporting the communication between readers by means of a website. 

The research project aimed at understanding the cultural meaning and societal impact of this digital reader development initiative, and at evaluating the experiences of the users of the platform. The reserach project started from the following questions:
- how is 'Iedereen Leest' related to other initiatives in Flanders and beyond?
- what is the profile of the users of this platform?
- how do users appreciate the platform?
- is it an effective instrument for reader development?
- is the platform interpreted as an effective alternative way to find literature?
- what are the strenths and weaknesses of the platform?
- what do non-readers think of the project?
- can the platform diminish thresholds?
- do users of the platform feel connected with other users?
- is the platform evoking additional forms of information exchange about literature? 

Partners: Stichting Lezen; Departement Cultuur, Jeugd en Sport