Haalbaarheidsstudie Vlaamse Metadata-Aggregator
01/01/2010 - 30/06/2010
Has been finalized

HMA was a feasibility study about the opportunities, conditions and operating procedures of a Flemish horizontal or cross sectoral metadata aggregator. The study has been coordinated by the Department of Culture, Youth, Sports and Media of the Flemish Government. The research team included IBBT/SMIT and IBBT/MMLab.  

In the context of the study an aggregator has been defined as a metadata harvester which aggregates, preserves and exchanges metadata of digital or digitised objects coming from a wide range of heritage databases. This aggregation has to based on international standards. The harvester itself has to open for external harvesting, in the first place by the Europeana platform. The metadata at the harvesting platform operate as a sustainable pointer to the digital object in the original database of the content provider. 

(Picture by Gideon Burton under a Creative Commons license)

Partners: MMLab (UGent)