Tieners en ICT: Risico’s en Opportuniteiten
01/01/2006 - 31/12/2007
Has been finalized

Research project of the Federal Science Policy concerning opportunities and risks of ICT for teens. The project concentrates on the use of e-mail, sms, chatboxes, mobile phones, online communities, websites and weblogs by pupils in secondary schools (12-18 years).

The main objectives of this research project are:
1) To provide insight in the new social relationships, both beneficial and harmful, that are formed and shaped by ICT.
2) To gain insight in the risks factors of ICT use in order to develop effective tools to trace and identify these risks.
3) To formulate measures for (auto-)protection that will be translated in policy recommendations.

In the research project, which departs from the perspective of the teens themselves, both the opportunities and risks of ICT are considered from an integrated normative-theoretical framework which combines the active user paradigm with the protectionist perspective on minors and ICT.

(picture by Spree2010 under a Creative Commons License) 

Partners: MIOS (UAntwerpen); CITA (FUNDP); CRID (FUNDP)