Steunpunt Cultuur, Jeugd en Sport
01/01/2007 - 31/12/2011
Has been initialized

The Policy Research Consortium for Culture, Youth and Sports is doing research for the Flemish Government and provides scientific data for improving policies regarding culture, youth and sports. The transversal research goal concerns the monitoring and analysis of participation behaviour of Flemish people. Next to the main goal the research activities are organised in different research themes. 

The research theme e-culture and digitisation explores the transformation of the cultural domain due to the use of new media. This transformation is influencing both cultural creation and cultural consumption. IBBT/SMIT is co-ordinating this research theme.

Indeed today culture is experienced in many new ways. People are for example increasingly listening to online music or are watching streamed concerts. This digital culture opens up new opportunities to increase cultural participation and it creates a space in which participants can be empowered. 

Cultural stakeholders and creators are also rethinking their roles and tasks in a networked society. Indeed digital culture goes beyond tarditional boundaries between cultural institutions, cultural domains, producers and consumers, real and virtual culture.

The research tasks of IBBT/SMIT include:
?quantitative analysis of digital cultural participation
?qualitative analysis of hybrid cultural participation
?policy recommendations regarding e-culture

(Picture by PLANETART under a Creative Commons license)

Partners: Universiteit Gent - Vakgroep Sociologie - G-SRM; Vrije Universiteit Brussel - Vakgroep Sociologie – TOR; EHSAL - Centrum voor Modellering en Simulatie (CMS)