Collaborative Community Media
01/01/2007 - 31/12/2008
Has been finalized

The classical media landscape has entered an accelerating (r)evolution. The fragmentation of the relatively small Flemish media business and the associated advertisement business is only increasing. ‘User generated content’ has become an important challenge. Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and other Internet giants have turned into “media enterprises”. Free content (aggregation) and services, together with the associated advertisement model, impose a serious challenge to the paying media.

The ambition of this project was to both socially and technologically research how Flemish media companies can work with this community in order to integrate classic journalism with community media. The focus of this project was also set on innovative forms and supporting technologies for moderation, editorial environments and technologies in relation to content aggregation. Within this project, the consortium has employed a multidisciplinary approach, incorporating not only technical issues, but also business models, sociological analyses, user and usability issues as well as the legal context and constraints.

IBBT-SMIT played an important role in the project tasks with regards to communities and social software, as well as in the tasks focusing on business modelling aspects. Reports delivered by IBBT-SMIT have focused on overviews of best practices of collaborative community media and of community media business model characteristics (within WP1), an analysis of the practices of ‘producing users’ of community media and of the social aspects of reputation and moderation mechanisms (within WP2) and new commercial and business formats for community media (within WP6).

As the selection, usage and management of community or user generated information constitute important challenges, other work packages within the project have focused on editorial organisational aspects (WP3), innovative technologies for editorial environments and moderation (WP4), and advanced content aggregation and management for e-publishing (WP5). Finally, an integrated proof-of-concept demonstrator was conceived in order to validate the different technologies (WP7).

(Picture by LuluP under a Creative Commons License)

Partners: Concentra Media; anaXis; i.Know; Departement Cultuur, Jeugd, Sport en Media (CJSM); IBBT-EDM (UHasselt); IBBT-DistriNet (KULeuven); IBBT-MICT (Ugent); IBBT-SMIT (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)