Bewaring en ontsluiting van multimediale data in Vlaanderen
01/01/2008 - 30/06/2009
Has been finalized

The research project BOM-VL (Bewaring en Ontsluiting van Multimediale data in Vlaanderen - Archiving and Distribution of Multimedia in Flanders), supported by the Flemish government (Department of Economy, Science and Innovation), was motivated by the rapid decay of the audiovisual materials contained in many cultural and broadcast archives on the one hand, and by the important societal, cultural and economic value of this heritage on the other hand.

BOM-VL therefore aimed to find sustainable solutions for problems that can be encountered during the processes of archiving and distributing cultural and broadcast multimedia. For the first time in Flanders, these problems were tackled on such a large scale, by a consortium of partners from the Flemish audiovisual, broadcast and cultural sectors, as well as several research groups. The project was both multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral, focusing on technical as well as organisational, societal, legal and economic aspects. In order to maximise the sharing of knowledge and expertise, all project results and reports are publicly available on the website.

IBBT-SMIT played an important part in the analysis of the needs and requirements of different potential user groups of digital multimedia archives (WP1). These research tasks focused on active and creative (end) users, use by creative (audiovisual) industries, scientific use and contextualised supply. IBBT-SMIT has also contributed majorly to the research tasks with regards to possible architectures for supply and distribution (WP5), with a focus on the modalities of digital audiovisual content supply on the one hand, and target group specific valorisation and revenue aspects on the other hand.

Other research tasks within BOM-VL have focused on the selection of materials for digitisation (WP2), standards for metadata and file exchange (WP3), and intellectual property rights (WP4). Finally, an integrated innovation platform, i.e. a realistic model of a potential future multimedia archive, was developed in order to validate and illustrate the different technologies and research results.

(picture by AndyArmstrong under a Creative Commons license)

Partners: BAM (Institute for Visual, Audiovisual and Media Art); Boekentoren (University of Ghent – University Library); FARO (Flemish Institute for Cultural Heritage); Muziekcentrum Vlaanderen; VTi (Flemish Theatre Institute); VMMa; VRT; WTV/Focus TV; Vitaya; Comsof; Videohouse; AVS; TV Limburg; ATV; Kanaal Z; Ring-TV; ROB-TV; RTV; SBS Belgium; TV Brussel; IBBT-ICRI (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven); IBBT-iLab; IBBT-MMLAB (UGent); IBBT-SMIT (Vrije Universiteit Brussel); VRT Medialab