01/07/2012 - 31/12/2012
Has been finalized

Today’s operating rooms contain lots of equipment of many different vendors all working in a ‘closed’ vendor environment. Different equipment vendors are using their own standards, custom screens, user interfaces and database. Therefore in today’s operating rooms there is no real integration of equipment; it is rather a collection of individual devices and systems. Operating rooms also represent a very dynamic environment where patient throughput, workflow and patient safety are extremely important. The specific setup and equipment configuration of the room is highly unpredictable since it depends on the exact surgical procedure that needs to be performed.

Digital operating room platform

The goal of this project is to enable a transformation towards a digital operating room platform. The digital operating room integrates video, lighting, recording and information sharing equipment via a central hub and thus increases efficiency & patient safety by optimizing information distribution.

Distribution of surgical images

An important aspect of this project is to develop basic technology to enable the distribution of surgical images especially within the hospital, but even to remote locations and mobile devices. Technology will be developed to enable truly remote viewing and interaction with surgical images (telesurgery). This will enable, e.g. to stream live pictures of surgical procedures in high-quality and in real-time to classrooms for educational purposes.

Partners: Barco Belgium Media and Entertainment Division; CandiT-Media BVBA