Video Q-SAC
01/01/2007 - 01/12/2008
Has been finalized

The objective of Video Q-SAC is the development and proof-of-concept demonstration of a framework for configuration, enforcement, monitoring and measurement of end-to-end QoS delivery from service/content provider to the user, focusing on video streaming. For these video services, the project will also study the data format (i.e. the codec), which should be optimized to efficiently transport the video, and means of video adaptation (either deployed at the server or home end of the network) to the user’s network and device specific characteristics. Within the project, SMIT is conducting the user research and the business modeling study. The user research focuses on real life user aspects of video streaming within the house: in a living lab, a selected panel of households will test a streaming platform offering a broad range of content and video services. The focus will be on the use of the platform and preferences regarding quality, price etc. Also business models will be researched, connected to monitoring and optimizing networks in function of specific services and service quality (esp. for video). Special attention is paid to the strategic use of Digital Rights Management and its possible impact.