Steunpunt Recreatief Vlaanderen
Steunpunt Recreatief Vlaanderen
01/01/2007 - 01/01/2010
Has been finalized

Within the overall research theme (cultural partcipation in Flanders) SMIT is concentrating on the links between cultural participation and ICTs. Do ICTs create opportunities for new cultural experiences? Can ICTs contribute to the increase of cultural participation and cultural competences? In which ways will cultural institutions and artists be influenced by the use of ICTs?

The research project includes the analysis of the cultural supply side, the ICT applications, and the user/demand side. Within the broad cultural field SMIT will focus on musea, public broadcasters, art centres and libraries.

Supply side

Do ICTs offer opportunities for a better management of cultural institutions? If so, for which functions in the institutions? Do ICTs change existing management practices within institutions? Or are these practices complementary? How is the value chain of cultural practices changing? What is the penetration end use of ICTs within the Flemish cultural institutions? How can the government support the use of ICTs within the sector?

ICT applications

In which way do ICTs contribute to cultural participation and empowerment? If so, in which conditions? Which forms of cultural experience and participation are supported by these applications? Are cultural audiences considered as active partners?

User/demand side

Do ICTs offer possibilities for a higher cultural participation? Is virtual cultural participation characterised by the same social cleavages as real cultural participation? Do ICTs confirm existing participation divides or not? Do ICTs change the way in which participants experience cultural activities? Who is the virtual cultural participant? How can the government use and support ICTs in the context of cultural participation?

Budget: 1.235.597 €