Social aspects of technologically mediated environments and pervasive computing
01/01/2005 - 01/01/2008
Has been finalized

In this project, sociological research on the use of emerging technologies and actual technology research takes place in parallel, but also in constant collaboration and interaction. The project will thus provide new insights on the technological and the sociological level of emerging technologies, but also on the collaboration between different disciplines. Generally speaking, the technology is seen as both a technological device and a tool for the mediation of social relationships.

The system in question to be developed and critically analysed is a pervasive cultural e-learning system, more specifically an interactive city guide. It is expected that especially on the technological level, this particular application is only one of several possibilities in the further development of both pervasive computing on the one hand and scene analysis and representation on the other. These provide the research areas that the technological side will focus on.

The sociological side, on the other hand, is aiming to provide a wider understanding of technology use, critically engaging with social aspects of the technology's implementation. Research areas here more specifically include e-learning, knowledge management and the technologically-mediated city environment.

The technology will be jointly designed, implemented and evaluated, with the result that technology and social uses mutually shape each other. Thus the aim of the project is to provide the academic community with empirically grounded evidence of the social dynamics of emerging technologies as well as provide society with technologies that are grounded in social principles, built bottom-up and in constant interaction. We ask what the obstacles to and facilitators of socially-driven technologies are.

Budget: 1.235.597 €