ICT monitor for Flanders
01/09/2005 - 01/08/2007
Has been finalized

Accurate, reliable and up-to-date information about the infrastructure, diffusion and usage of ICT in Flanders is scarce and fragmentary. By setting up an adequate monitoring system, this project will meet the demand for an integrated instrument for collecting available data, measuring different aspects of the ICT sector in Flanders, and sharing the acquired informationand knowledge amonggovernment and business actors. The ICT monitor can serve as an instrument for a coherent ICT policy and will help to place Flanders’ position in a national and European context.

Objective of the MonIT project

The MonIT project pursues the development of an integrated instrument for: Mapping out the ICT infrastructure and expertise in Flanders;
Identification of key indicators for ICT measurement;
Sharing data and knowledge between different actors in business and government;
Formulating recommendations for a coherent ICT policy.

To obtain these goals, the ICT-monitor for Flanders will provide following solutions: The integration of available ICT data in Flanders, as an answer to the current fragmentation;
The permanent monitoring of the ICT sector in Flanders, as a guarantee for continuity;
The translation of national and international data to a Flemish level;
The standardization of methodology and key indicators for ICT monitoring, with a view to benchmarking.

Main research activities

The main research activities of the project can be summarized as follows:
Setting up a steering committee with representatives of government and ICT sector;
Building of a website which will provide access to the database; A state-of-the-art about research in ICT monitoring;
An inventory of legal problems and solutions concerning data exchange;
Development of a conceptual model in which ICT indicators for basic access and usage, information security, eCommerce, eWork, eGovernment, etc… will be formulated;
An inventory of data providers and data flow;
Implementation of the conceptual model in a technical infrastructure; Integration of the datawarehouse, the conceptual model and dataflow in a ‘Proof-of-Concept’;
Study of the possible business models for the ICT-monitor;

Budget: 1.235.597 €