Maximize DVB Usage in Flanders
01/01/2005 - 01/12/2006
Has been finalized

Within Maduf (Maximize DVB Usage in Flanders) SMIT is involved in both the economic and user-research aspects of the introduction of DVB-H based mobile digital TV in Flanders. Within the economic segment SMIT delivers within WP2.1 a detailed analysis of comparable international pilots. WP2.2 entails an analysis of the potential stakeholders and their business models for mobile television. WP2.3 includes the incorporation of the results of the previous work packages into a realistic cost model. Also, SMIT will assist in the design and validation of plausible cooperation scenario’s. On the user-research side SMIT is active within the sub-work packages 5 and 6. This section involves an extensive concept study on mobile applications with the aid of best practices analysis, ‘proxy technology assessment’, living lab research and ethnographic usage evaluation. The aim is to get insight in the user practices of mobile television watching and the socio-cultural contextualisation of these new services. These results are fed back to the selection profiles of the test users, the persona development and the development of the service portfolio.

Budget: 1.235.597 €