Future Study E-Health
Future Study: Telemonitoring in home care in 2015 (Nursing path optimisation of home-care patients by using telematics appl
01/03/2004 - 01/02/2006
Has been finalized

SMIT does a foresight study on ‘Telemonitoring in home care in 2015’. This assignment, under the authority of the Wit-Gele Kruis Limburg (home care organisation in the Belgian province of Limburg), is part of the overall project ‘Nursing path optimisation of home-care patients by using telematics application’. The study fits in the 2nd phase of the ‘Multiannual information society support programme (2001-2008)’ from the Belgian Science Policy department (Belspo).

The goal is to deliver an innovation strategic policy advice for the Belgian government and the Wit-Gele Kruis Limburg regarding optimal lines of policy for the coming 10 years. This refers to advice for a medium long period on developments in e-health technologies and services that influence home care. The focus is on ICT that contribute to independent living of people at home, like systems for telemonitoring in home care situations (within the context of Limburg). Special attention is given to technological tools that enable the contact on a distance between home care professionals and patients, for optimising the nursing path. Participatory workshops with national and local experts and field experts on care, technology and policy are organised.

Budget: 1.235.597 €