The digital newspaper on electronic paper
01/01/2005 - 01/06/2006
Has been finalized

Digital paper

E-paper can allow newspaper readers to read their papers in a user friendly manner on digital paper (e-ink). This project studies how publishers and advertisers can distribute and reproduce their digital content on a new type of terminal.

A purposeful sampling of Tijd subscribers will be able to test the prototype terminals of Philips with a specially adapted version of the newspaper. The testing of and experimenting with the e-paper device takes place within a living lab environment, where the technology is confronted with the real life setting of users. With this, E-Paper will exhaustively study the user response (coupled with the advertiser response) and carry out more fundamental research into the possibilities of the terminal in the long term. E-Paper is researching the possibilities of digital paper (e-ink). This new technology involves ultrathin screens with a very low energy consumption that require no illumination, can be read in sunlight and have characteristics that are comparable with paper. Information is electronically loaded and reproduced. Flexibility will undoubtedly increase in the future.

User friendly reproduction

The reproduction unit has a small surface with a high resolution. Hard work is currently going on with regard to the presentation of the content, the navigation and the interface, and the user friendliness of the unit is being thoroughly tested. In addition, studies are underway of an optimal distribution form and packaging of the contents.?A look is also being taken at possible business models both for the provision of service via e-paper and for new forms of collaboration and value networks. As far as the wireless interface between the distribution network and the reproduction unit is concerned, studies are being carried out into a general architecture for the distribution of the content to multimedia terminals.

Budget: 1.235.597 €