Shirley Elprama

Shirley Elprama
Shirley Elprama is a researcher working at SMIT with a master in Human Technology Interaction (Eindhoven, University of Technology, 2011). Currently, she is working on HIPS and ClaXon.

In ClaXon, she will explore the application of collaborative robots in manufacturing, where human workers and robots work together while combining their strengths.

In HIPS, she will use her experience in observing in operating rooms to create a protocol to observe current informal work practices in the hospital. In ClaXon, the collaboration and interaction between robots and human workers will be studied in a manufacturing context.

Previous projects
In the Fallrisk project, she has interviewed elderly, formal and informal caregivers about using sensors for fall detection.

In the Telesurgery project, she investigated current practices in the operating room for both minimal invasive procedures and robotic procedures by combining methods such as in depth interviews with medical personnel and observations in the operating room. She has also worked on projects such as ICOCOON focusing on topics like as presence, privacy and trust.

Her research interests are broad and include human technology interaction, robots, environmental and social psychology, and material culture.

She has experience with a range of different methods, for example: interview and focus groups, observation, survey, usability testing, paper prototype and scenario.

Phone +32 2 629 1631