Shenja  van der Graaf

Dr. Shenja van der Graaf
Senior researcher
Shenja van der Graaf is a senior researcher and project leader at iMinds-SMIT. She is a researcher at LSE, honorary fellow at MIT Media Lab ID³ Hub, and a Futures of Entertainment fellow.

Her current research is concerned with issues arising from innovations associated with the Future Internet. She is particularly interested in social, urban and organisational transformation and new technologies, and has tended to approach this nexus of issues through several specific lines of inquiry of the integration of new technologies into society; management of technological innovation in firms, cities and communities; (new) media users and ‘cultures of expertise’; mediation of social and economic life, theoretical perspectives; software/code market, legitimate vulnerability, institutional corruption.

Van der Graaf is a graduate of Utrecht University (MA, 1999) and the London School of Economics and Political Science (PhD, 2009). She was a Fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society (Harvard) and the Research Center for Information Law (University of St. Gallen), a consulting researcher at Convergence Culture Consortium (MIT), an alumna of the Oxford Internet Institute, and worked as consultant for Hakuhodo in Tokyo.

@iMinds-SMIT, I'm currently involved in: Dynamics of virtual work, ECIM, Hackair, IA4SI, I3, OTN, OPTET, M-Resist, SavingFood 2.0 and USEMP.

(Past: EPIC, Citadel... on the Move, Bring Me, EWI open data)

@LSE, I'm involved in OpenLaws

@ID3, I'm involved in personal data related research

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Mobile +32 470 50 9885
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Organisation Project Publication
The City as Living Laboratory: A Playground for the Innovative Development of Smart City Applications (2014)

Imaginaries of Ownership; the logic of participation in the moral economy of 3D software design (2014)

Firing Up the City? A Smart City Living Lab Methodology (2014)

SEQUOIA: A methodology for the socio-economic impact assessment of Software-as-a-Service and Internet of Services research projects (2014)

Assessing Participatory Governance in the City - The Intersection of Toolkits, Local Knowledge and Multiple Participations in Athens and Ghent. (2014)

Designing for Participatory Governance: assessing capabilities and toolkits in public service delivery (2014)

Designing for Participatory Governance: Assessing Capabilities and Toolkits in Public Service Delivery (2014)

Much Ado About Keanu Reeves: The Drama of Ageing in Online Fandom (2014)

The Fabric of Social Media: An introduction (2014)

At Home in Brussels: professional mobility as a service (2013)

At Home in Brussels: Professional mobility as a service (2013)

Smart City Service Creation and the Living Lab Approach: Benefits and Challenges (2013)

Crowdsourcing the City? Dynamic Planning Tools in Local and Open Urban Services (2013)

The Life and Times of Community and Commerce: Distributed Architectures of Digital Peer- Production (2013)

Institutional corruption, exploits, and legitimacy: Understanding the commodification of malware (2013)

Get Organized At Work! A look inside the game design process of Valve and Linden Lab (2012)

Data Driven Urban Infrastructures and Trust Frameworks (2012)

Urban infrastructures - a global perspective (2012)

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