Katriina Kilpi

Katriina Kilpi
Katriina has been part of SMIT since 2011. She has been engaged in user research projects dealing with the combination of Internet-Of-Things and Do-It-Yourself culture (DIYSE);  professional use of ICT (ICOCOON and Telesurgery) and most recently, quality of experience in laser-based video projection (Bravo). In her work she has been employing the methods of co-design, proxy technology assessment as well as focus groups and group interviews. Katriina graduated with a Master in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Hawaii at Manoa in 2006. After graduating, Katriina got introduced to the world of social media and ICT while working at a couple of startups in Gent and Brussels.

Phone +32 2 629 16 27
Mobile + 32 484 740 986
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