Rob Heyman

Rob Heyman
I am currently researching the value network and practices of the marketing sector active on social media, which makes use of personal data or relies on services base on personal data. I will then apply concrete marketing campaigns to the Privacy Impact Assessment approach. This PIA methodology will involve user research as they are needed to provide limits on the use of their personal data.
My preferred methods to work with are desk research, expert interviews, analysis of affordances and user research. My PhD thesis will involve political economic perspectives and critical studies perspectives applied to the design of social media and their advertising tools.

Before joining SMIT I studied 6 years at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and obtained a masters degree in both philosophy and communication sciences in 2010. My master thesis of philosophy was about ‘emergence’, an ontology and epistemology of the concept and my master thesis of communication sciences was about online privacy and the way this was perceived by students.

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