Wouter Degadt

Wouter Degadt
Wouter Degadt holds a master in public management. In his master thesis he analyzed the strategic applicability and implementation of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) on the Flemish level. Both the architecture and policy aspects of governmental information systems are reviewed and subject to critical prospecting.

Wouter joined SMIT in May 2008 and is currently performing research in Digital Society department, focalising on Media, Market and Innovation. More in particular he uses the methodology of business modelling within the MIST unit, which stands for Market Innovation and Sector Transitions. 

Wouter has gained professional experience in the area of market analysis, market implementation models and overall business modelling in iMinds projects. He built up knowledge from previous projects such as NFC Voucher, AdMid, NextGenITS and SmartE. Ongoing projects are Sparc, CoMobile and Olympus.

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