Wim Vanobberghen

Wim Vanobberghen
Wim Vanobberghen holds a master degrees in History (2001, Vrije Universiteit Brussel), a master degree in Communication Sciences (2003, Vrije Universiteit Brussel) and a teacher's degree in History (2002, Vrije Universiteit Brussel).

He started working at iMinds-SMIT in 2004 on a phd 'The discourse about the user of new communication and information technologies in a historical perspective: a discourse analysis of the Flemish Catholic and Socialist Press with the introduction of radio (1923-1933) and television (1953-1960) in Belgium.' Media historical research and reflections, especially from a socio-cultural perspective on media's technological development, remains a domain of expertise of Wim.

Since 2011, Wim is also involved in smart-city related EU-projects such as EPIC (European Platform for Intelligent Cities, CIP, 2010-2013) and the current ECIM project (European Cloud Marketplace for Intelligent Mobility, CIP) which deals with city mobility and will run until 2016. Apart from the general discussions and problematics regarding smart cities, the concrete area of Wim within these projects is upon the city of Brussels where he is conducting user research regarding pilots developed in the framework of these projects.  

Besides the topic of Smart cities, Wim expanded recently his research interests on the one hand to the domain of social innovation with the EU-project IA4SI (Impact Assessment for Social Innovation) and on the other hand to the problemtic and dynamics of trust and trustworthiness regarding ICT's (EU-project OPTET - operational Trustworthiness Enabling Technologies).   

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Organisation Project
Smart city services creation and the living lab approach: testimony from the EPIC project (2014)

At Home in Brussels: professional mobility as a service (2013)

EPIC: A holistic approach for smart city services (2013)

Defining the idea and practice of radio broadcasting: expectations about and experiences with radio broadcasting in the home in Belgium (1923-1933), paper presented at: IV Science Technology Society Italian National Conference, Rovigo, 2012 (2012)

Opportunities and challenges for a comparative European history regarding the expectations and experiences with the introduction of radio and television in the home. (2011)

'The Marvel of our time': visions surrounding the introduction of radio broadcasting in the radio magazine Radio (1923-1928) (2011)

Een historische analyse van het discours omtrent de introductie van televisie, radio en internet (2009)

'The Marvel of our Time': Visions about radio broadcasting in the Flemish Catholic Press, 1923-1936, paper presented at the 25th IAMCR conference (2007)

‘The marvel of our time’: visions surrounding the introduction of radio broadcasting in Belgium 1923-1928, paper presented at Media History and History in the Media: Media and Time (2007)

“Het nieuwe wereldwonder van onze tijd”: toekomstvisies over de radio-omroep in het tijdschrift “Radio” (1923-1936). Paper presented at Etmaal van de Communicatiewetenschap 2007 (publication on CD-ROM/digital proceedings) (2007)

Comparative Media History in: Historical Journal of Film (2007)

Publieke televisie in Vlaanderen. Een geschiedenis. (2007)

Back to the future. Historicizing social dream worlds about new media (2006)