Stijn Bannier

Stijn Bannier
Stijn Bannier graduated in 2005 as Bachelor for the courses Dutch, History and ICT/ Informatics at the teacher's department of the Leuven University College (Belgium). Subsequently he graduated cum laude as Master of Arts in New Media and Digital Culture at Utrecht University (The Netherlands).

During his Master’s studies, Stijn Bannier did an internship at Veronica Medialab, where research was carried out into the music industry combined with Web 2.0 and 3.0 concepts. In his Master’s thesis he wrote a theoretical and philosophical reflection on transcendental musical experiences in a digital context. With this thesis "The gamer as a hybrid performer”, Stijn won the Dutch Music Thesis Prize 2008.

The same year, Stijn joined iMinds-SMIT, VUB as a researcher. Currently, Stijn is active in several e-culture research projects, varying from digital libraries and music video games to cultural profiling and multi-touch interfaces. His main research interests were digital music culture, video games and the hybrids of new media.

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Project Publication
Raise Your Hands or Hands-on? The Role of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning in Stimulating Intercreativity in Education (2012)

De digitale kloof van de tweede graad in Vlaanderen. (2010)

Multi-User Multi-Touch Setups for Together Learning in an Educational Setting. (2010)

Researching culture in a network society (2010)

Online information revelation and privacy. Moving from opt-out to opt-in? (2010)

Raise your hands or hands-on? The meaning and implications of interactive technologies and devices for teaching and learning processes in classrooms. (2010)

Implementing e-inclusion in Flanders: going beyond access? A critical analysis of e-inclusion initiatives and their ability to improve multiple digital literacies. (2010)

Muziek en de media van morgen (2010)

De mogelijke rol van multi-touch technologie binnen de digitale bibliotheek (2010)

How web 3.0 combines user-generated and machine-generated content. (2010)

Het serieuze van serious games (2010)

The struggle for a participatory relationship. How museums, libraries and arts centers apply multitouch technology. (2010)

The 'serious' part of serious games (2010)

Naar een ecosysteemmodel voor innovatie in de Vlaamse mediasector: deliverable 1 (2010)

WP 3.4 - Het CUPID-model op korte en lange termijn volgens potentiƫle eindgebruikers (2009)

Music and video games: a perfect marriage? (2009)

VEP: Studie digitaal platform voor e-boeken in Vlaanderen in opdracht van Bibnet (2009)

WP 5.4 - Publieke tests: Try-out van de MuTable in publieke ruimten (2009)

Mu-Table, Multi Touch Multimedia Table (2009)

Samenleving, Jongeren & ICT (2009)

Het Muzikale Netwerk 2.0. & 3.0. (2009)

Games en muziek: een perfect huwelijk? (2009)

The Musical Network 2.0. & 3.0. (2009)

Jongerencultuur en Nieuwe Media (2009)

BOM-VL-WP5.3: Aanbevelingen doelgroepscenario's (2009)

WP 3.3 - Het CUPID-model volgens culturele intermediairen (2009)