Sophie De Vinck

Dr. Sophie De Vinck
Sophie graduated in 2004 at the department of Communication Studies of the VUB and subsequently studied European Politics at the Institute of European Studies (Université Libre de Bruxelles - 2005). She initially joined SMIT as a PhD researcher and successfully defended her doctoral dissertation on the digital challenges facing the European film industries and European-level film support in July 2011. 
Her research focuses on the film industries, digital evolutions and related policy-making efforts.
Sophie is member of the board of the Flemish Audiovisual Fund (VAF).

Phone +32 2 629.16.18
Fax +32 2 629.17.00

Visit Organisation Project Publication
Innovation in the film sector: what lessons from the past tell us about Hollywood’s digital future – and what that means for Europe (2014)

The Film Industry (2014)

Statistical, Ecosystems and Competitiveness Analysis of the Media and Content Industries: The Film Sector (2012)

Realising "Film Europe"? Eurimages and MEDIA efforts at building a single European film market (2012)

Revolutionary Road? Looking back at the position of the European film sector and the results of European-level film support in view of their digital future. A critical assessment. (2011)

Digitale cinema in Vlaanderen (2011)

Alle partijen zijn bang voor de digitale veranderingen waar cinema mee worstelt (2010)

IPTS MCI Deliverable 2.2: Historical overview of the European Media and Content Industries (2010)

Revolutionary Road? De toekomstperspectieven van on demand filmdistributie (2010)

Europudding or Europaradise? A performance evaluation of the Eurimages co-production film fund, twenty years after its inception (2009)

‘I made my movie in Europe and all I got was public funding!’ An analysis of the economic, cultural and innovative impact of the Eurimages film fund in view of its position in a digital landscape. Paper presented at the 2nd European Communication Conferen (2008)

Plus ça change, plus ça reste la même chose. De inbreng en opbrengst voor België van bijna 20 jaar Eurimages-lidmaatschap. Working Paper (2008)

Somewhere, over the (digital) rainbow? The cultural-economic prospects of the European film sector in a digital environment and their consequences for European policy-making. Paper presented at the Association of Cultural Economics International (ACEI 200 (2008)

Cultural diversity as the final outcome of EU policymaking in the audiovisual sector: a critical analysis (2008)

De openbare omroep in nauwe schoentjes? Een blik op de impact van het liberaliseringsbeleid van de EU (2007)

Our Policies Keep on Reinventing the Past: An overview of the EU policy-making in the audiovisual domain (2007)

Must institutions drive innovation? The role of Public Service Broadcasters in implementing digitization strategies and the paradoxal antagonism of switchover policies. Paper presented at the 4th International Conference on Communication and Mass Media (2006)