Nils Walravens

Nils Walravens
Nils Walravens graduated cum laude as Master in Communication Sciences at the Free University of Brussels in July 2007 with a thesis on the introduction of High Definition Television in Flanders, from a political economy perspective. During his studies he undertook two internships: one as a research and production assistent with Flemish public broadcaster VRT and the second at the press department of Alfacam/Euro1080, an HDTV-pioneer in Europe.

Nils started working for SMIT in August of 2007 as a researcher in the Media, Market & Innovation cluster. His main expertise is in the field of business modelling research in both the mobile and media industries and he has been involved in short-running consultancy assignments, national iMinds-projects and European-level FP6 and FP7 Integrated Projects. He has experience in the mobile services domain, on high definition television and digital television business aspects, digital news and e-reading, and platformisation in the media and mobile industry.

In 2011, Nils started working on a 4-year Prospective Research for Brussels project, funded by Innoviris and the Brussels Capital Region. The aim of the project is to define policy recommendations related to business models and platformisation of mobile city services, in the context of the ever-evolving mobile sector.

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Organisation Project Publication
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