Luciano Morganti

Dr. Luciano Morganti
Senior Researcher
Luciano graduated in Philosophy at La Sapienza in 1994, after (1997) he obtained a Master Degree in European Integration Studies at the College of Europe in Bruges and a Master Degree in Interactive Multimedia Project and Cyber-communication at the ISC Saint-Louis in Brussels (2002).
Luciano defended his PhD, which he obtained from the VUB, in 2004. The PhD was titled: The Net: an assessment of its potential as a new democratizing communication medium.

Luciano has been working at the College of Europe as a Researcher and Teaching assistant (1997-2001) and as an Adviser for Communication (2002-2003). He has been CeO and Owner of Crosscommunication since 2002, since the end of 2010 he is the CeO and Owner of METIS-Brussels. He has been working as a consultant, expert, evaluator and researcher for various European Project for different institutions.

He his Assistant Professor at Vesalius College where he teaches Communication Theories, New Media, Policies and Politics of the European Information Society Introductory Sociology, Introduction to the European Union. He has been teaching also at La Sapienza - Rome, at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and for the College of Europe.

He started working at SMIT as a Senior Researcher since 2007, before that and since 1998 he has been an External collaborator for the Center (2004-2007) and a PhD student (1998-2004).
He is working in the Digital Policy Cluster on topics related mainly to Network Policies, Network Neutrality, Internet Governance.

Luciano has been Chair of the International and Intercultural Communication Section of ECREA until October 2012. He is Member of GiGanet, Member of the Brussels Chapter of the Club of Rome.

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