Koen Willaert

Koen Willaert
Koen Willaert is a researcher working at iMinds SMIT VUB since 2009. He obtained a master degree in experimental psychology. He is working in the field of user centered design and human computer interaction. With a clear focus on users and stakeholders, he is integrating social research within all phases of innovative technology development using a broad range of research techniques. He has been involved in numerous interdisciplinary research projects in a variety of application domains such as Interactive and social TV, 3DTV, immersive communication, affective computing, context-aware services, digital-out-of-home, virtual worlds, empathic products and robotics.

Phone +32 2 629 16 35

Project Publication
Managing privacy boundaries together: Exploring individual and group privacy management strategies in Facebook (2014)

Synchronization between first and second screen based on timecode streaming (2013)

Immersive Experiences in the Home: a Field Trial on Stereoscopic 3DTV (2013)

Empathic interactions in Future Media Scenarios (2013)

Future empathic media experiences (2013)

An interactive second screen platform for broadcasting. (2013)

3DTV Viewing Experience: the Combination of Stereoscopic 3D, Ambilight and Environment Light (2013)

Empathic television experiences with second screens (2013)

D6.2.2 Cognitive research - Ambilight tests (2013)

Final report on user experience and practices with 3D‐TV applications (2013)

The Potential of Digital Games for Empowerment and Social Inclusion of Groups at Risk of Social and Economic Exclusion: Evidence and Opportunity for Policy. (2013)

The Public in Public Service Media. The Case of VillaSquare. (2013)

State of Play of Digital Games for Empowerment and Inclusion: A Review of Literature and Empirical Cases. (2012)

Empathy Experiments in Human-Robot Interaction (2012)

When utopian theories meet encouraging user practices: the use of the second screen application Villa Vanthilt by flemish citizens (2012)

PresenceScape: Virtual World Mediated Rich Communication (2012)

Evaluating PresenceScape: a 3D virtual world application to support social awareness and informal communication in distributed teams (2012)

Ladders and snakes: Lessons learned from applying contextual laddering to game prototype evaluation. (2012)