Katleen Gabriels

dr. Katleen Gabriels
Katleen Gabriels holds master's degrees in Germanic Philology (KULeuven, 2005) and Moral Sciences (Ghent University, 2009) and a doctoral degree in Philosophy and Moral Sciences (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, 2014). Her doctoral dissertation, Who's afraid of virtuality? On the moral status of social virtual worlds: The case of Second Life, focused on everyday virtual moral life by conjoining a strong grounding in moral philosophy with an empirical study on moral practices in social virtual worlds. She is currently working as a postdoctoral researcher on the FWO-project Technical vs. moral proximity: The ‘hidden morality’ of ‘continuous connectivity,’ in which she focuses on the ethical aspects of Internet of Things (IoT) and on the virtualization of moral relations.

On the whole, Katleen's research focuses on the ethical aspects of new technologies and on how virtualization problematizes intersubjective relationships.

Specialties: new media; (social) virtual worlds; virtual communities; the Internet of things (IoT)

Disciplines: ICT & computer ethics; philosophy and ethics of technology; moral philosophy; philosophy of virtuality

Methodologies: virtual and hybrid ethnography; in-depth interviews; focus groups; vignette studies; quantitative surveys

Phone +32 2 / 614.85.68

Project Publication
‘Free yourself!’ An inquiry into moral life in Second Life. (2014)

Who's afraid of virtuality? On the moral status of social virtual worlds: The case of Second Life. (2014)

Lost in transition? Conducting a hybrid ethnography 'in' and 'out' of Second Life (2014)

Morality and involvement in social virtual worlds: The intensity of moral emotions in response to virtual versus real life cheating (2014)

Mapping the distribution of moral agency across the human-technology relation: The case of ‘Second Life’. (2013)

The Un/Acceptability of Virtual Moral Practices: An Empirical and Ethical Inquiry. (2013)

Dealing with the virtual other: An empirical and ethical study on the un/acceptability of virtual moral practices. (2013)

Media in tijden van medeleven: Esthetica of ethica? (2012)

Living virtual lives: From moral practices to a theory of ethics in social virtual worlds. (2012)

Rethinking McLuhan's concept of 'tribe' in view of 'Second Life'. (2012)

'Virtual' Morality: The Un/Acceptability of Hypothetical Scenarios in Second Life (2012)

Jongeren en de VRT: clichés spuien en slikken? (2011)

Virtuality vs. Actuality and Distance vs. Proximity: Two polarizing fields of tension (2011)

Rethinking McLuhan's 'Tribe' (2011)

Beyoncé danst Rosas danst Rosas (2011)

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Ethics and morality in virtual space (2011)

Second Life, Second Morality? (2011)

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