Jo Pierson

Prof. dr. Jo Pierson
Senior Researcher
Jo Pierson, Ph.D., is Associate Professor on digital media use and innovation in the Department of Media and Communication Studies at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Faculty of Economic, Political and Social Sciences and Solvay Business School). He is also Senior Researcher and staff member at the research centre SMIT (Studies on Media, Information and Telecommunication) since 1996. In this position he is co-founder of the User Empowerment unit in the Digital Society research department of iMinds, currently in charge of the research on privacy in social and ubiquitous media. In the past he has worked as researcher-advisor for the Dutch knowledge institute TNO in Delft (The Netherlands). He lectures undergraduate and master courses, covering social issues relating to the information society, digital media marketing and digital broadcasting. His research focus is on privacy, domestication and user empowerment in new media.

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Project Publication
The promise of audience transparency: Exploring users’ perceptions and behaviors towards visualizations of networked audiences on Facebook. (2015)

Who's my audience again? Understanding audience management strategies for designing privacy management technologies (2014)

Privacy in location-based social networks: Researching the interrelatedness of scripts and usage (2014)

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Facebook ziet alles: Sociale netwerken ontrafeld (2013)

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Innovating for and by users - Book presentation (2010)

Digital television in Europe - Book presentation (2010)

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Influence of User Generated Content on consumer pre-buy behaviour? (2010)

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DYSE D1.1: SoA of applications, type of users, business models and UCD (2010)

D1.1: SoA of applications; type of users; business models; and UCD (2010)

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The appropriation of television in the home (2009)

User-driven innovation in the case of three-dimensional urban environments (2009)

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Configuring living labs for a 'thick' understanding of innovation (2009)

Exploring and designing wireless city applications by way of archetype user research within a living lab (2009)

URBAN Deliverable 4.3.1 - Intermediate version of scenarios based on user goals and practices (WP4 - Task 4.3) (2009)

How to make friends? Characteristics of offline communities affecting the impact of social network sites on intra-community cohesion. (2009)

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Je kan thuis ook niet met de computer werken (1998)