An Jacobs

Prof. dr. An Jacobs
Senior Researcher
Within SMIT she co-ordinates the digital health projects. She has both expertise on adoption and appropriation of new technologies from a professional and end consumer point of view. She was guest lecturer at the Hogeschool Artesis Antwerp teaching product sociology in the integrated product development degree.  At the University of Brussels she teaches qualitative research methods and coordinate the master dissertation in Communication Science. At iMinds she has participated in and coordinated various European and Flemish projects and work packages with a focus on digital technologies development, use and appropriation in health and wellbeing. Currently she is also part as methodologist in the program coordination by iMinds of the Care Living Labs in Flanders (Belgium)

Phone +32 2 629 16 48

Project Publication
Exploring the Social-technological Gap in Telesurgery: Collaboration within Distributed OR Teams (2014)

An Ontology Co-design Methodology for the Co-creation of a Continuous Care Ontology (2014)

Developing assistive technology with multidisciplinary teams: a front-end procedure to stimulate collaboration and manage expectations. (2013)

The ‘Relay Ideation’ Method: Moving From Problem Understanding to Problem Solving in the Design Process (2013)

Identifying barriers in telesurgery by studying current team practices in robot-assisted surgery. (2013)

Probe and proxies: Unraveling meaningful technology experiences (2013)

The Potential of Digital Games for Empowerment and Social Inclusion of Groups at Risk of Social and Economic Exclusion: Evidence and Opportunity for Policy. (2013)

State of Play of Digital Games for Empowerment and Inclusion: A Review of Literature and Empirical Cases. (2012)

Collaboration in a Multidisciplinary, Distributed Research Organization: A Case Study (2012)

Integrating the everyday-life context in subjective video quality experiments (2012)

Interactive Applications for Children With Hearing Impairments: a Process of Inspiration, Ideation, and Conceptualization (2012)

User-driven design of a context-aware application: an ambient-intelligent nurse call system (2012)

Evaluating PresenceScape: a 3D virtual world application to support social awareness and informal communication in distributed teams (2012)

Ladders and snakes: Lessons learned from applying contextual laddering to game prototype evaluation. (2012)

User-driven design of a context-aware application: an ambient-intelligent nurse call system (2012)

Participatory design of a continuous care ontology: Towards a user-driven ontology engineering methodology (2011)

Towards ontology co-creation in institutionalized care settings (2011)

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"Do it Yourself with a little help from my friends." (2010)

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transeCare domeinanalyse: doelgroepafbakening D1.1.A (2010)

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User-driven design of an ontology-based ambient-aware continuous care platform (2010)

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