Simon Delaere

Simon Delaere
Researcher - Project Leader
Simon Delaere holds Masters Degrees in Communication Sciences (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, 2002) and Communications Policy (University of Westminster, 2003)

He joined SMIT in 2004. His research focus is on policy and regulatory issues surrounding media and ICT on the one hand, and business models for new technologies and services on the other. Currently, he coordinates the centre's involvement in number of projects on Future Internet technologies, particularly involving advances cognitive wireless networks.

Issues studied in current and past projects include (spectrum) policy and business models for reconfigurable wireless networks and services, Public Service Broadcasting in the digital age, digital switch-over issues, television viewer participation and accountability, electronic archiving of audiovisual material, government policy concerning broadband test and experimentation platforms, strategies for accelerating the introduction of broadband services, and business models for electronic newspapers.

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Organisation Project Publication
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