Kris Naessens

Kris Naessens
Kris Naessens graduated in 2005 as a Master in Communication Sciences at the University of Ghent, graduating specialized in film and television studies. Subsequently he studied E-Communication at the KULeuven, specializing in web design and usability. During his time in Leuven, Kris spent two months as an intern at research firm iVox. After a brief period as an HR consultant at Stad Antwerpen, he joined SMIT in November 2006 . At SMIT, Kris is a member of the user analysis cluster where he is involved in various iMinds projects. His research focuses both on professional and private use of technological devices and applications. Kris has built up expertise in various subjects (ICT adoption in small enterprises, gaming, electronic health systems, ...) and both qualitative and quantitative methods. Currently, Kris is involved in the iCocoon project, where he studies privacy issues in next-generation videoconferencing systems.

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