Olivier Rits

Olivier Rits
Senior Researcher Business Modelling SMEs & ICT
Olivier Rits holds a master degree in Applied Physics (Engineering) form the University Ghent, Belgium. Previously Olivier has been working as a business developer for Alcatel-Lucent where he was involved with many different technologies. Last couple of years his focus shifted towards innovatie products and solutions such as M2M and IoT.
Within SMIT Olivier is leading the business modelling practice in the conext of SME living lab innovation projects. With a team of researchers we are organising business model workshops and stakeholder interviews where we apply our business model methdologies to link the user feedback and insights to the business model aspects of the SMEs strategy.
Olivier is also involved in business modelling efforts in research projects dealing with ICT in general, with a specific interest in M2M and IoT and mobile telecom.

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