Pieter Jan Valgaeren

Pieter Jan Valgaeren

Pieter Jan Valgaeren obtained a Master in Art History at the University of Leuven, a Bachelor in Law at the University in Leuven and a advanced Master in Intellectual Property Rights at the Hogeschool Universiteit Brussels. 

In early 2011, Pieter Jan Valgaeren worked on the EMSOC project for the Interdiscplinary Center for ICT law (ICRI) at the University of Leuven. In 2012 he joined SMIT where he combines research within the field of the Art and Media Industry and Social Media.  Focussing on protection mechanisms, hybrid  and evolving creations in cultural-creative industries he links his interests to interdisciplinary and collaborative research. 

Within the Digital Arts group of SMIT, he will be working on shifts in comtemporary art and economics, fundamental research on Social Media and emerging technologies.

As a guest lecturer on the legal protection of TV formats and Legal Issues related to Social Media he teached at Universities in Potsdam, Berlin, Valetta and Madrid and the Thomas Moore Institut in Mechelen.

Phone +32 2 629 16 20