Paulien Coppens

Paulien Coppens
Paulien Coppens holds a master's degree in communication sciences (2011, Ghent University) and a postgraduate degree in digital marketing and communication (2012, Ehsal Management School).
Paulien joined iMinds-SMIT in September 2012, working in the user research department. 
She works and has worked on Flemish and European projects related to personalized media services and the related quality of experience, location based services and privacy. Currently, Paulien is involved in the hackAIR project (Collective awareness platform about air quality in Europe) and USEMP (User Empowerment for Enhanced Online Presence Management). 


Project Publication
Lowering the barriers for online cross-media usage: Scenarios for a Belgian single sign-on solution (2016)

Towards a Belgian Single Sign-On Media Solution: Four Scenarios from the Market and Consumer Perspective (2015)

Benchmark van de publieke omroep in Europa: een analyse van het aanbod, financiering en publieksbereik. Een onderzoek in opdracht van de Vlaamse Regering en het Departement Cultuur, Jeugd, Sport en Media. (2015)

A mixed method study on users’ expectations towards and value of second screen interactions during sports broadcasts (2015)

On the impact of video stalling and video quality in the case of camera switching during adaptive streaming of sports content. (2015)

Privacy in location-based social networks: privacy scripts & user practices (2015)

Live interactive second screen sports applications: A qualitative study of users’ experiences, practices and expectations (2015)

Privacy in location-based social networks: Researching the interrelatedness of scripts and usage (2014)

Location-sharing applications and information privacy: Examining users' willingness to share location information (2014)

Media ID - D 6.1: Scenario description and social requirements analysis - Part 1: An explorative qualitative user study (2013)

Uncovering users’ location privacy concerns: When, where and with whom are users willing to share location information? (2013)

Mobimeter: A report on the adoption and use of mobile media technologies in Flanders. (2013)

Buying music and/or illegal music file-­sharing: an exploration of user motivations. (2013)

Social, Local and Mobile Identity Management. The development of a user-centric open SoLoMo platform. (2013)

Bridging the privacy paradox between awareness and behaviour. (2013)