Bram Lievens

Bram Lievens
Senior Researcher
As a senior researcher, Bram is responsible for the Living Lab research track within the user research unit. Bram's main expertise is within the domain of user centered design and Living Labs, with a focus on mobile applications in a smart city environment. Bram is active in and supervising various research projects in this area.

Bram also acts as a senior Living Lab methodologist and architect within the iMinds d Living Labs department. Key research activities here are focused on creating new Living Lab architectures as well as the set-up and implementation of these Labs to facilitate and enhance new product and service innovation (by means of a multi-stakeholder engagement process).
Bram Lievens holds a bachelor degree in social and cultural work and a master degree in communication science. After a brief period of working for various local authorities he joined iMinds-SMIT in 2002.

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Project Publication
Extending the field of view: a human-centred design perspective on 360° TV. (2014)

Uit passie of voor de poen? Een exploratie van gebruikersmotivaties voor deelname aan innovatie onderzoek in Living Labs (2014)

Drivers For End-users’ Collaboration In Participatory Innovation Development And Living Lab Processes (2014)

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Characteristics and Their Outcomes in Living Labs: A Flemish-Finnish Case Study (2013)

Living up the Lab: Exploring and Co-Designing an online cycle route planner through Ethnographic Tools and Co-Creation within a Flemish ICT-Living Lab (2013)

From Era of Plenty to Era of Overflow: What Shall I Watch? (2012)

From Era of Plenty to Era of Overflow: What shall I watch? (2012)


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The impact of the organizational setup of Living Labs on the innovation process: a case study between different Living Lab approaches in Flanders (2012)

Seeing the bigger picture: A user perspective on 360° TV (2012)

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How to make friends? Characteristics of offline communities affecting the impact of social network sites on intra-community cohesion. (2009)

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Re-inventing newspapers in a digital era: the mobile e-paper (2007)

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