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Training 2: Trending technologies, blockchain and Media Economics (23/10 – 25/10)

This training is part of the Media Economics Programme, it combines facts and figures of state of the art scientific research with interesting and sometimes conflicting insights from industry experts.

Training 2: Trending technologies, blockchain and Media Economics

For those that are following the full programme training 2 is elective.

If you want to register for this training only, you have the option between a 1, 2 or  3 day programme.

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This training sheds light on the interplay between upcoming technological evolutions and their(possible) impact on the media industry and their economics. As the media industry takes time to catch up with technological innovations, being informed about trending technologies is important to imagine the future. More profound insights on phenomena like AI, distributed systems, internet-of-things, virtual and augmented reality and distributed systems as blockchain are discussed and innovators in the media and telecom domain present their experiences. This course focuses upon a better understanding of underlying technological building blocks which is needed to imagine the future media landscape and its economics.

Key Objectives

  • Acquire knowledge on recent and upcoming technological evolutions that might impact the media industry.
  • Acquire knowledge on phenomena like big data, internet-of-things, virtual and augmented reality, distributed systems like blockchain and their underlying technological building blocks.
  • Provide insights and best practices on how these technologies are today already implemented in the media industry.
  • Adopt innovation as a mindset in day-to-day operations.

Cases and Topics

  • Technological evolutions / disruptions and the innovation process
  • Technologies: Big data analytics, machine learning algorithms, personal data ecosystems, VR, AR, IOT,
    distributed systems

Academic experts

  • Prof. dr. Laurence Claeys (VUB)

Industry experts

  • Dr. Jan Bouwen (Nokia)
  • Dr. Daniel Knapp
  • Mr. Joshua Davilla (Deloitte)
  • Ms Cloe Johnson (Dotblockchainmedia)
  • Sari Depreeuw (Daldewolf)
  • More experts to be confirmed
23 Oct 2019 25 Oct 2019

09:30 - 17:30


Pleinlaan 9
1050 Brussels

Close to public transport (Station Etterbeek)
Car parking available


  • day 1
    Crash course in IOT, Algorithms, Big data analytics, Blockchain, Distributed systems, OSINT, 5G, API, Alexa Skills ASK, (personal data, GDPR) & tech & business ecosystems - Prof. Dr. Laurence Claeys
  • day 1
    Architecture, ecosystems, development processes, innovations - Prof. Dr. Laurence Claeys
  • day 1
    Distributed systems - Dr. Ruben Verborgh
  • day 2
    Virtual reality, augmented reality and media - Dr. Jan Bouwen
  • day 2
    Existing data ecosystems in media and what can / should be done with them - Dr. Daniel Knapp,
  • day 2
    Blockchain in media - expert to be confirmed
  • day 2
    Distributed systems - expert to be confirmed
  • day 3
    Workshop - Showcase of AI in media - expert to be confirmed
  • day 3

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