Course in Media Economics: Media economics and policy in a digital age

This course is part of the Media Economics Programme, a new programme at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel that is organized by SMIT. The programme combines facts and figures of state of the art scientific research with interesting and sometimes conflicting insights from industry experts. The Media Economics Programme aims to equip media professionals and postgraduate students with the tools to overcome the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities of the digitalization, in the various sectors of the media industry in Europe (and beyond).

You can participate in the course via the Postgraduate programme and the training programme in Media Economics.


Media economics and policy in a digital age (course 2)

Course 2 sheds light on the complex interplay between media economics and policy in a converging media landscape. Where policies used to exist in neat silos with separate regulation for broadcasting, telecommunications and ICT, the boundaries between these sectors are blurring. That provokes new policy making or an adjustment of the way in which certain policies like competition law are being applied to the media sector. Focus is on the different aspects of the European Digital Single Market policy framework and how it affects the media sector, competition policy and on specific trends in national media policies.


Key Objectives

  • Acquire knowledge of the main policy instruments affecting the media industry.
  • Acquire knowledge of the trends in European and national policies.
  • Understand how policies affect day-to-day business of media companies.
  • Develop a personal stance on the interplay between media economics and media policies.


Cases and Topics

  • Media policies
  • European Digital Single Market
  • Competition policy
  • National media policies
  • Advertising regulations
  • Over-the-top media services
24 Oct 2018 26 Oct 2018

9:30 to 18:30


SMIT, Pleinlaan 9, 1050 Brussels - 1st floor, Weber Room

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