Course in Media Economics: Economics of Journalism

This course is part of the Media Economics Programme, a new programme at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel that is organized by SMIT. The programme combines facts and figures of state of the art scientific research with interesting and sometimes conflicting insights from industry experts. The Media Economics Programme aims to equip media professionals and postgraduate students with the tools to overcome the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities of the digitalization, in the various sectors of the media industry in Europe (and beyond).

You can participate in the course via the Postgraduate programme and the training programme in Media Economics.


Economics of Journalism (course 7)

Course 7 focuses on the on-going developments in journalism and their impact on the viability of journalism, both as an economic commodity and as a fundamental cornerstone of a strong democracy. Building on the latest insights in journalism studies, media economics and innovation theory, attention is given to technological, industrial and social disruptions, how they challenge the practice of journalism and how to be best prepared to face these challenges.


Key Objectives

  • Acquire a strategic and analytical perspective on shifting revenue streams for news content and journalistic production.
  • Acquire in-depth understanding of the technological, industrial and social context shaping the European news market.
  • Provide best practices in addressing the challenges of contemporary journalistic production, i.e. international collaborations, interdisciplinary working environments, editorial analytics, accelerated innovation, etc.
  • Acquire strategic, actionable insights to prepare journalists, newsrooms and news organisations for future disruptions, and how to tackle them.


Cases and Topics

  • Journalism
  • Value creation through news
  • Democracy
  • Innovation theory
  • Technological disruptions
  • European news market
  • Journalistic production
  • Newsrooms
  • Fake news
  • Data-driven investigative journalism
24 Apr 2019 26 Apr 2019

9:30 to 18:30


SMIT, Pleinlaan 9, 1050 Brussels - 1st floor, Weber Room

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