Course in Media Economics: Audio-visual production

This course is part of the Media Economics Programme, a new programme at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel that is organized by SMIT. The programme combines facts and figures of state of the art scientific research with interesting and sometimes conflicting insights from industry experts. The Media Economics Programme aims to equip media professionals and postgraduate students with the tools to overcome the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities of the digitalization, in the various sectors of the media industry in Europe (and beyond).

You can participate in the course via the Postgraduate programme and the training programme in Media Economics.


Audio-visual production (course 5)

Course 5 focuses on the interplay between media economics and audio-visual production. It combines insights from recent work within production studies, policy studies and media economics, with a specific emphasis on financing of audio-visual production on the one hand, and creating the best environment and contextual circumstances for successful audio-visual productions on the other. It sheds light on recent trends in European and worldwide drama production.


Key Objectives

  • Acquire knowledge of trends and shifting financing and revenue models for TV drama, film and documentary production and format trade.
  • Acquire an in-depth understanding of contextual and structural thresholds in European audio-visual markets.
  • Acquire detailed knowledge of government support schemes and their importance for audio-visual production.


Cases and Topics

  • Audio-visual production and financing
  • European audio-visual markets
  • Formats
  • Audio-visual production management
  • Film / Documentary / TV production
  • Netflix
  • Co-production
  • Financial / strategic planning
  • Government production schemes
  • Broadcasting strategies
  • Organizational development
13 Feb 2019 15 Feb 2019

9:30 to 18:30


SMIT, Pleinlaan 9, 1050 Brussels - 1st floor, Mead Room

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